Project Overview

Established in 1989 in Busan, Korea, NamYoung Textile is one of the leading textile companies in Korea.

In recent years, the potential for the development of industries in Viet Nam through the advantages of the labor market, political stability, infrastructure upgrading of industrial zones, FDI inflows into Vietnam increased sharply, in which Korea was always among the leading countries.

Following that trend and the need to expand the production, NamYoung Textile has established NamYoung Vina in Vietnam to carry out its investment in Vietnam at Trang Bang Industrial Zone, Tay Ninh.

With a total area of 15.000 m2, and Trung Hau Construction Group is chosen to be a General Contractor for this project.


LocationTrang Bang IP, Trang Bang, Tay Ninh
Surface Area15000